artist statement

In my art practice, I work on both flat surfaces and with sculptural installations. I make use of illusion created in a drawing or painting and also the allusion to line, space and inherent meaning that is provided by incorporating natural and fabricated found objects. Recently, I have used the square as a human reference to measurement, direction, structure, and a grid. 

The rapid advancement of technology has offered an optical expanse to the mysterious macrocosm of the universe and to microcosms that surround us. At the same time, our media centered, fast paced lives can facilitate self absorption and inflated self importance. It becomes easy for each of us to miss the spectacular grandness that exists beyond our daily lives.  

The inspiration for my imagery has been gleaned not only from our observable natural world, but also from ideas and photographs of outer space and of plankton, the incredibly important and often microscopic drifting forms of life in the earth’s oceans. Like a scientist, I gather and organize materials and data so that I might draw attention to occurrences connected to life, time, and space. With each art piece, I hope the viewer can take a moment to rest in Wonder.